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When Flat Feet Are Problematic

Flat feet might have prevented you from wearing those killer heels to a big event, and years ago it was reason enough not to be able to serve in the military. Now, flat feet aren’t often considered a problem, but certain symptoms can quickly transform them into a medical concern.

If you have flat feet, the talented podiatrists at Premier Foot & Ankle, with locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, can help. They can thoroughly evaluate your feet, decide whether treatment is necessary, and if it is, create a treatment plan based on your individual history and symptoms. 

Determining if you have flat feet

If you get your feet wet and make footprints on the pavement, a normal foot will leave an almost T-shaped image, with your toes and the ball of your foot at the top, and a narrowing impression from the rest of your foot directly underneath. 

If your feet are flat, the impression will look more like a solid rectangle, reflecting the fact that there’s no lift in your arch. In any case, when you come into Premier Foot & Ankle, we’ll examine your feet and let you know for sure.

Babies and children under age 3 don’t have arches yet. Some people never develop them, while others have normal arches that fall during adulthood.   

Flat feet mechanics and risk factors

Everyone has a posterior tibial tendon that stretches across the arch of each foot. When they lengthen too much, they can no longer support your arches. When this happens, your arches collapse. 

A diverse range of conditions can cause flat feet, including:

If you have one or more of these risk factors, or you never developed arches from birth, you can have a potential for problems. 

When flat feet are a problem

In short, if your flat feet cause you discomfort, then you need to get help. If your feet become tired easily while standing, and you have difficulty standing on your tiptoes, you should book an appointment with Premier Foot & Ankle. Other reasons to make an appointment would be if you experience pain in your:

Flat feet can even limit your range of motion. When the condition causes these kinds of limitations, you should make an appointment with Premier Foot & Ankle.

Treatments for flat feet

At Premier Foot & Ankle, we’ll examine your feet and discuss at length how long you’ve had symptoms and how serious they are. 

We may start out with conservative treatments, such as recommending aspirin, ibuprofen, and other over-the-counter medications to reduce inflammation and pain. Next, we may suggest prescription steroid medications or devices, such as custom orthotics, braces, or fracture boots. 

We might also recommend a course of physical therapy to improve your condition. There are many exercises that can help with flat foot pain.

If these methods don’t bring relief and your feet are very inflexible, surgery may be necessary. Rest assured that our team has extensive experience mending damaged tendons so your foot can become fully mobile and flexible again.

If your movement and life are curtailed because of flat feet, book an appointment over the phone with Premier Foot & Ankle today.

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