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Ankle Sprain Specialist

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Even though ankle sprains are known as one of the most common sports injuries, one missed step or incorrect landing and anyone can certainly sprain an ankle. If you suffer from an ankle sprain, the top-rated podiatrists at Premier Foot & Ankle, located in Dallas, Plano, Mesquite, Celina, McKinney, Sherman, Irving, and Frisco, Texas, can help. They evaluate your ankle sprain and get you started on treatment right away. Click on the online booking feature or call your nearest clinic location to book your exam today.

Ankle Sprain Q & A

Why do ankle sprains occur?


Your ankle is bound together by several connective tissues, including fibrous ligament bands. While your ligaments are strong enough to withstand your entire body weight and the force of every single step you take, one move in the wrong direction and your ligaments can become torn or overstretched. Common causes of ankle sprains include:

  • Slipping and falling down
  • Missteps on a flight of stairs or while walking or running
  • Landing incorrectly after a jump, like while playing basketball

Roughly 90% of ankle sprains occur on the outside of your ankle joint, often when you roll your ankle inwards. But it’s certainly possible to sprain the ligaments in the inner side of your ankle, too.

What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain?

The symptoms you experience with an ankle sprain depends on the severity of your sprain. A Type I sprain is the least severe, a Type II sprain is moderately severe, and a Type III sprain is the most severe. In any case, your ankle sprain can lead to minor to severe:

  • Ankle instability
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Inflammation and bruising
  • Stiffness or range of motion issues

Without proper treatment, your sprained ankle may never heal correctly. This can lead to chronic ankle instability and an ongoing increased risk of future ankle sprains. The podiatry team at Premier Foot & Ankle encourage you to come in for an evaluation as soon as your ankle injury occurs.

How are ankle sprains treated?

When you visit Premier Foot & Ankle for an ankle sprain evaluation, your podiatrist gathers any essential X-ray images and lets you know the details of your specific ankle sprain injury.

In almost all cases, it’s important to immobilize your ankle joint with a cast or removable boot, especially if you also have an ankle fracture. You need to rest your ankle, ice it regularly, and elevate it to minimize inflammation throughout your recovery period.  

Your personalized ankle sprain treatment plan may include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Balance exercises
  • Compression wrapping
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

If you have a complex ligament rupture or bone fracture, you may need surgery. The foot and ankle surgeons at Premier Foot & Ankle can repair damaged tissues and bones in an effort to restore ankle stability and full function. You can expect comprehensive care throughout your entire ankle sprain treatment process.

Get started on a personalized ankle sprain treatment at Premier Foot & Ankle right away. Book your ankle sprain evaluation online or call your most convenient office directly.