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Foot X-Rays & Diagnostic Procedures


X-Rays and other diagnostic measures allow for a quick, efficient diagnosis of several common foot ailments, with non-invasive procedures so patients can return to a normal lifestyle. Premier Foot and Ankle of Dallas, Mesquite, Allen, Frisco, or Plano have in-house X-ray equipment and ultrasound for fast, easy detection and treatment opportunities.


An X-ray can locate a number of foot ailments invisible on the surface, including:

  • Bone Fractures
  • Tumors
  • Ankle Sprain
  • Dislocation of Bones
  • Other Bone Conditions

Because the foot is sensitive and the bones in the feet are small, injuries to the foot can be suffered from small, simple actions, including repetitive movements that aggravate the bones. Also, when foot pain is experienced, there may be underlying issues beyond sprains and damage to the tissue, which involve the actual bone structure. X-rays uncover these underlying issues so treatment can be prescribed effectively.

Stress fractures are common in feet, especially for athletes and patients who work on their feet. Even performing a repeated task that puts the foot in a poor mechanical position can lead to conditions only visible through x-ray diagnostics.

If you think you may have an injury to the foot, whether from a specific incident or from particular repeated use, contact our podiatrists to set up an appointment, and we will determine the problem through x-rays and other advanced diagnostic procedures.

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